We aim to advance the use of  Restorative Justice practices in  the St. Louis area.   


Our Beginning

A group of individuals employed by a diverse set of governmental and non-governmental organizations began meeting early in 2006:  the goal was to expand the use of restorative justice practices and community mediation in the St. Louis area because they knew that such services contribute to stronger and safer communities.    This concerted effort became Community Conflict Services (CCS)


“Restorative justice is based upon an old, commonsense understanding of wrongdoing.”

— Howard Zehr, The Little Book of Restorative Justice


We are guided  by the restorative principles that,

  • Crime or wrongdoings are a violation of people and of interpersonal relationships
  • Violations create obligations
  • The central obligation is to put right the wrongs. 

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Our Mission

In 2007, Community Conflict Services was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation exclusively for charitable and educational purposes in order to 1) respond to crime and harm through the use of restorative justice practices and principles; 2)  provide support to organizations and individuals in resolving conflict through the use of mediation;  3 )  heighten awareness of the benefits of using mediation and restorative justice practices and encourage their increased use.

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